Saturday, October 22, 2011

Week in Review 10/15-10/22

This is my review of the recipes I prepared this past week.  All will be posted the upcoming week. Check back and let me know if you agreed with my review!

Monday I prepared Southern Vegetable soup and it was delicious.  I definately would make this recipe again. It made enough to place 2 containers in the freezer!

Wednesday I prepared Slow Cooker French Dips. Oh my gosh were they the bomb! The meat was so tender and the au jus was absolutely perfect. This will be made again and real real soon!

Thursday I prepared Liver and Onions. It was superb! The liver was tender and had a wonderful flavor due to the spices I rolled it in. Before you turn your noise up at this recipe, give it a try! Definately a keeper.

Dessert this week was Peanut Butter Pie.  It was absolutely the best I'd eaten. The filling is so silky and smooth with just enough peanut taste to be delicious. Most definately a keeper!

This weeks recipes were all thumbs up!!



Joan@chocolateandmore said...

Deb, the french dip looks yum and my hubby loves them, will you be posting a recipe for it?

Kim said...

Found you on Moore or less Cooking :) Thanks for passing the blog award down, I got one too. ;)
I have to pass on the liver and onions, but the rest looks awesome, I sooo love french dips

Debz said...

Joan the recipe will be posted this week for the french dips. And yes, they are absolutely delicious.

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